Saturday, September 24, 2011


23/9/2011-Pacific Time-3.30 a.m -Written by Mr. Serious,

It's midnight and I only manage to sleep for 4 hours. Chatting with her as I can't go back to sleep.
Take a good long bath in the tub before I turn on my lappy to do my pending work. That is when I decide to write in her blog. I seldom share my opinion or stories to the world, but only to her. Its not that I'm a secretive person, I just don't think the world will really care about me. Being far away from home always makes me feel like this, longing for something that I'm not really sure about. The same climate here brings back memories from 2 years ago. Memories that I try to keep. It used to be vivid, but now as I'm growing older it becomes unclear by time. I do notice that I can't keep memories well nowadays, except for the bad one (what a curse). I wonder, Is this only happen to me? Is it normal for human to forget as they getting older? How much longer can I keep it? Will I still remember today in the next 5 years? I know some memories can be bought, but I can't afford it,yet. That is when I decide, I need to take a lots of pictures!

To my beloved wife, sorry for the forced entry to your blog. It takes me less than a minute to figure out your password. That prove how much I know you (and love you).

Now I know what is blogging really are

Don't scroll down as this is the end of my entry. Tchuss.

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fara said...

how romantic u are u so much.balik bwk present byk2 ye
. hehee

Lissa Ahmad said...

alolololo.. comelnya.

bawak present utk i juga ye.. hehehehehhe :p

Lissa Ahmad said...

btw, blogging not for the world.. but for ur self, ur kids, ur family. bayangkan nanti bila, kids dah besar n baca.. mesti bestkan?

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